Academic excellence is central to the mission of Cornerstone with an emphasis on God’s Glory.  The main objective of education is to teach principles for application in daily life and the academic goal of our school reflects the understanding that we are responsible to act as good stewards of the gifts and talents the Lord gives us.  CCS students and teachers alike must seek to do all for the glory of God.  This is reflected in curriculum selection, assignments, projects, athletics, and extra-curricular activities.  At Cornerstone Christian School, all classes are presented with a Biblically-based foundation integrated with high academic achievement. Our students perform significantly above the national assessment norms and are prepared to fulfill the plans and purposes of our Lord for His Glory.

Biblical integration is the hallmark of our Christian school, for a students’ worldview forms the framework for decision-making and drives the actions and attitudes in everyday life.

The focus of our curriculum is to challenge each student to develop a Biblical worldview with a heart for missions and the importance of knowing and obeying the Word of God.  Our goal is to instill in our students the skills necessary to communicate effectively, to equip them to read and act critically, and to encourage them toward a lifelong love of learning.

Core Classes:


Language arts

Phonics and Grammar

Reading and poetry





Physical Education

Music and band