School Board

CCS School Board (2023-2024)

  • Bryan Bartels, President
  • Tony Boex
  • Brad Kustka
  • JR Dotzler, Secretary

The school board of Cornerstone Christian School is a self-sustaining board of directors, comprised of parents, grandparents, alumni parents, alumni, and community members who have been associated with CCS over the years. Membership is maintained by current directors recommending, inviting, vetting, interviewing and prayerfully approving new directors.

The school board of a non-public school is similar to the composition of any school board in the nation, but the structure of a board at a Christian school must have some clear distinctives. A Christian school is not solely an educational enterprise; it also has a spiritual nature. Therefore, the school board must also exemplify the same distinctives. Personal holiness and a commitment to Godliness is the primary prerequisite for serving on the Cornerstone Christian School board. The requirements that are true in the selection of the teaching and support staff are also true in the acceptance of school board directors. This is essential as the board seeks the knowledge of the Lord’s will in every decision. Such knowledge requires an understanding of Biblical principles, a willingness to pray about each decision, and the faith to believe God for all things. The school board of Cornerstone Christian School is one committed to the Lord, His plans and purposes for the school and its impact on the community and the world. 

Serving on a Christian school board is a holy calling, a ministry unto the Lord and the school community that deserves the best-informed effort of each director. A distinctive within Christian education is that every board director must be a mature leader committed to thinking Biblically and modeling these precepts in the boardroom, the school, and the community. Seeing their responsibilities through the lens of a spiritual perspective, the school board understands that their decisions are not just for the academic setting, but also the spiritual characteristics of the school, its teachers and students. 

The Cornerstone Christian School board demonstrates the attributes of a high-performing board in that the board has a clear and distinct role in the governance of the school and acts as a unified group in decision-making. Meetings are well-planned and well-managed. New school board directors are carefully selected, oriented, and trained. With deliberate and prayerful effort, new directors with appropriate motivations, values, experiences, and skills are brought onto the board, allowing the board to reach new levels of excellence. The CCS board maintains accountability within the role of the school board, but also to the teachers, staff, families, and students.  Basic responsibilities within school board governance include determining the school’s mission, vision, and purpose, selecting the superintendent and principals, providing proper financial oversight and ensuring adequate resources, and maintaining standing policies on all aspects of governance. The Board oversees the operation of the school and its policies through the CCS Superintendent and its Principals and delegates the day-to-day operations to them. A vital role of the CCS school board includes praying for every aspect of the school and its programs. 

Regular board meetings are typically held the second Tuesday of selected months at 6:00 pm unless otherwise designated. While parents and staff are invited to meetings, those wishing to address the board must inform the administration no less than forty-eight hours prior to the meeting.