High School

What sets Cornerstone Christian High School apart is its Christ-centered focus.  Our students are immersed in a fellowship of believers who encourage and challenge them to live out their beliefs in a nurturing environment.  This prepares them for the challenges faced by young Christian adults as they enter the world after high school.

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In the last three years of their high school careers, Cornerstone students have the opportunity to take several college preparatory tests. These include the PreACT (formerly known as PLAN), the PSAT, the ACT, and the SAT. While the ACT and SAT are taken at the student’s discretion, Cornerstone offers the PreACT to all of our sophomores during the spring semester and the PSAT to all of our juniors during the fall semester.

Based on the ACT scores of our recent graduates, Cornerstone Christian School students have scored significantly higher than the state and national averages. The ACT tests English, math, reading, and science. Students are also given a composite score for the entire test. The table below compares the average scores of our students with the state and national averages.*

State 18.6 19.119.819.619.4

*A score of 36 is a perfect score on the ACT.

In addition to these excellent scores, 100% of both of our graduating classes met or exceeded the benchmark score for college readiness in English, and 86% met or exceeded the social science benchmark. The percentage of CCS students meeting or exceeding the benchmarks is higher than the national average in every category.

The goal of Cornerstone Christian School is academic excellence to the glory of God, and our students’ test scores are evidence that they are accomplishing that goal.