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Second Grade

Gr 2B STATE REPORTS May 9-13th

Our second graders each presented a 4-5 minute state report on the state of their choosing. Each student was given a state map which was made especially for children. The students did a great job and we really enjoyed hearing their interesting reports! A huge thank-you to all the parents, grandparents, siblings and friends who helped the students with their display boards and practicing their report, and extra items to show etc..  We really learned a lot about several of our wonderful states in the USA!  




Class: Second Grade

GR 2 Spelling List 30

Spelling List 30

for the week of May 9-13, 2016

Special Phonics sounds are:

ould in could; u in push; ou in country; and -ful in beautiful

could, would, should

full, pull, put, push, bush, bushes

touch, young, cousin, double, trouble,

joyful, useful, helpful, handful, playful, thankful, truthful, wonderful


can’t, won’t, let’s

Vocabulary Words:

combine: to mix

companion: a friend

patient: able to wait without complaining

Class: Second Grade