Second GRADE 2B Animal Report Presentations

The second graders presented their animal reports during the week of November 2nd-6th.  They did an amazing job on their poster boards and presentations.  We learned a lot of interesting facts about God’s awesome animal kingdom!  GREAT JOB, SECOND GRADERS!Andy Harpy EagleHarpy Eagle

Caleb gila monsterGila Monster

Andrew Red Wolf 1Red Wolf

Eli pumaPuma

Ella Red FoxRed Fox

Gia river otterRiver Otter

Joel cheetahCheetah

Josh black pantherBlack Panther

Kristina elephantElephant

Lillian and Sophia giraffe 2Giraffe

Madykdragon2Komodo Dragon

Natalie hummingbirdHummingbird


teddy pergrine falcon 2Peregrine Falcon

Christian aye aye 2Aye-Aye

Zoey armadilloArmadillo

Olivai budgie 2Budgie BirdLondyn Red PandaRed Panda

PennytigerWhite tiger

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