Community Helpers: Police Officer and Bus Driver


Last week, Kindergarten students were blessed to meet two community helpers: Officer Spencer, a police officer for the Bellevue Police Department, and Ms. Jean, a bus driver for Bellevue Public Schools.

Kindergarten students loved hearing Officer Spencer speak about his job and learning about all that he does to help people in our community. Officer Spencer explained the job of a police officer and showed the students the special gear that he needs to wear everyday. After our time together, many kindergarten students expressed how they want to be just like Officer Spencer when they grow up!

It was a blast to meet Ms. Jean and hear about her job as a bus driver! Ms. Jean is committed to keeping the children in our community safe. She explained about her job and then, showed us her big school bus! Kindergarten students had the opportunity to see and sit on the bus. Then, they practiced exiting the bus through the emergency exit! It was raining, so they got a little wet – but it was worth it! 🙂

Thank you, Officer Spencer and Ms. Jean, for helping our community!

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